A Look at Bravo Fit Shoe Stretchers

Shoe StretcherIf you ever need to stretch out new footwear to get a more comfortable fit, than Bravo Fit Shoe Stretchers are a high quality product which achieves great results. Here’s why.

Shoe stretchers are designed for both men and women’s footwear. They can be purchased in pairs. The left and right devices are constructed in beautiful wood.

The cost is minimal but they will last for years. If you have purchased a new footwear and the fit is uncomfortable, they may only need to be broken in. However why suffer with the discomfort in the mean time.

If you use the Bravo Fit equipment, you can work out the leather in just right areas to seek and get instant relief.

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If you want to expand your shoes, it is advisable to spray the leather with a compound which helps to soften the leather first enabling easier expansion.

This avoids tearing or otherwise overstressing the leather. Once they have been sprayed, insert the equipment.

It has a knob you turn which begins to apply pressure to the width. Apply slight pressure and leave it that way for several minutes.

It is then advisable to remove the device and check out the fit. If there are small areas which need to be worked obn, these products have holes you can insert small buttons to apply pressure and work just where needed.

You should ideally do the proceedure gradually. Insert the device and stretch the leather slightly. Then check the fit.

If the footwear is still too tight, then repeat the process and try again. You may need to do this several times to get just the right fit.

View the bestselling Bravo Fit shoe Stretchers online at Amazon.com