You Should Try a Boot or Shoe Stretcher

Boot Shoe StretcherIf your boots are pinching your feet, you might need a shoe stretcher to give yourself a little bit of extra room. There are many reasons that your feet might swell or expand a little bit, including the weather or how you are feeling. There are also medical conditions that can make your feet a little bigger. Those same conditions can make taking care of your feet even more important.

For some people, their feet stay the same size no matter what. Others might find the size of their feet fluctuating almost daily. They might have gained a few pounds and their footwear is too tight. They lose those pounds and they are back to normal. Obviously that person is not going to run out and buy a new pair every few days nor would they want dozens of in a range of different sizes. Instead, they buy a stretcher which can help them fit more comfortably.

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Certain materials will not expand easily or correctly. If you are unsure of whether a pair should be stretched, speak to an expert on the material. Don’t risk a pair especially if they are expensive. Other materials will expand without any damage to them; usually the more expensive, natural materials will lend themselves to stretching without any major issues. But, even the most natural or flexible of materials can be overstretched or damaged by trying to do too much or being overly zealous.

A stretcher should not be used on materials when they are already in stress situations, such as when they are dried out. It should also be used only in a realistic manner. If you are trying to get a pair of size ten feet into size six, it is not a stretcher that you need. Keep in mind that they will only give you a little more room, usually equal to a half size more; it will not stretch out several sizes.

One might also be used to keep soaking wet footwear from shrinking as well. When you have a pair that are wet, use the stretcher to keep them from drawing up as they dry. Keep the in place until completely dry and they should be fine.

To keep in good condition and comfortable, you can either plan on foot swelling by buying up a half size or buy having a good boot stretcher on hand.

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