Two Way Shoe StretchersFine leather or suede dress shoes are a big investment for many people, and using stretching devices can insure that yours always fit and look great. Most of us put a lot of thought into the purchase of a new pair.  And when it comes to footwear, the old adage is true: you get what you pay for.

Quality leather or suede will last for many years — even decades — if properly cared for and protected.  First of all, it is important to regularly polish and buff to keep them looking their best.  But to keep yours fitting their best, two way shoe stretchers can really save the day.

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Think about it, few things in life are as uncomfortable as footwear that is too high, or are not properly “broken in.”  The problem is, to break in a new pair you generally have to put quite a few miles on them, and you may even suffer blisters, calluses or pinched nerves in the feet.  If you’ve ever had this problem, I don’t need to tell you how painful and frustrating it is.

But fortunately there is a solution.  This equipment can effectively do the breaking in for you, saving you lots of aggravation — and possibly pain.  When it comes to buying, there are several different types, first there are the simple plastic trees.  These tend to be of limited use, and often wear out much quicker than the other types.

The second type is the wooden model, normally made of cedar.  These are of much higher quality, and do a far better job of breaking in, as well as keeping older ones fitting properly, without losing their shape.  “Normal” wooden devices generally only expand in one direction — usually width.

The third type can expand both the length and the width, and these are known as two way shoe stretchers.  They are the most versatile and durable type you can buy, and if you have a propensity toward blisters or bunions on your feet, you really owe it to yourself to invest in a quality model.

They are most often made of wood, with cedar being the preferred type, as it absorbs moisture and odor.  A nice benefit of using cedar wood is that your shoes will often have a fresh clean cedar scent afterwards.

They also come with a number of small holes on their surface and a variety of special pegs that can be inserted into the holes in older to enlargen specific problem areas where the footwear may be pinching you.  This is also very handy if you tend to get blisters on a certain part of your feet.

Besides breaking in, they are also ideal to re-stretch older shoes.  Ones that have not been worn in a while will often tend to shrink, and will need to be enlarged slightly in order to fit as comfortably as they used to. These devices will insure that both your old and new formal purchases hold their shape, while remaining comfortable to wear for years to come.

View the bestselling 2 Way Shoe Stretchers ~ online for low prices and fast shipping…