Women's Shoe StretcherA women’s shoe stretcher can be invaluable to avoid blisters and pain caused by new or poorly-fitting footwear.  As consumers, women have it all over men — in the U. S. the average woman has five times as many shoes as the average man.  But because many women have a tendency to buy “slightly” smaller than is comfortable, they can often have several pairs of beloved purchases that wind up sitting in the closet because they are uncomfortable to wear.

This device can save the day, though.  Whether used on new ones to break than in, or older ones that haven’t been worn in sometime and may have shrunk, they can enable you to comfortably wear every pair you own.

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Most of us hate breaking in, and this is quite understandable.  Certain types of high heels or snug fitting formal footwear can be painful to break in, even causing blisters, calluses and pinched nerves in the feet.  And let’s face it, when your feet are uncomfortable, your entire body is uncomfortable.  In fact, your feet have more nerve endings than any other part of your body, which means that foot pain caused by uncomfortable footwear can actually cause pain and soreness in other parts of the body, such as the hip and back.

It is important then to always wear comfortably fitting ones.  The problem is that many high fashion women’s shoes look great, and project exactly the image we want, but unfortunately, they can also be terribly uncomfortable — especially high heels.

This equipment solves this problem by breaking in for you, even high heels or formals.  They are normally made of cedar or maple hardwood, to absorb moisture and odor. There are two basic types: the one-way, and the two-way.

A one-way will only expand in one direction– the width. But a two-way will expand both the width and length, making it far more versatile and practical for tightly fitting formals or high heels. 

Better quality models will also have holes along the surface for inserting orthopedic plugs.  These small plugs will help to stretch in specific areas where they may be pinching you or causing a problem.  They are also handy to use if you should have a blister somewhere on your foot.

A women’s model will normally work with most times of women’s footwear, including leather and suede.  However, certain materials will not respond as well because there is too little “give” in the material.  Vinyl is one example of a material that will not benefit greatly from it’s use.

But for nearly any other type of material you can imagine, it is ideal.  For a pair that are a size too small, or need extensive stretching in a specific area, you can purchase special oils that can be applied directly to the surface before to render the material more supple, and get the best results.

Because shoes are such a big part of many women’s lives, this type of equipments is a “must have” accessory that can make your life much more comfortable, and ensure that you actually get a chance to wear all those wonderful purchases sitting around in your closet.

View the bestselling Women’s Shoe Stretchers ~ online for low prices and fast shipping…